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Karen Kocher
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Karen Kocher

General Manager, 21st Century Jobs, Skills and Employability

Karen is a C-Suite HR Executive and former Chief Learning Officer at Cigna. As CLO at Cigna, Karen was responsible for capability development and maximization for all of Cigna’s global employees as well as external audiences including producers, health care professionals, customers and clients.

Prior to joining Cigna, Karen was the Global e-learning Content Solutions Executive for IBM Mindspan. In this role, Karen worked to define e-learning strategies, solutions and offerings for IBM customers. Prior to joining IBM Mindspan, Karen was the Offering Executive of Advanced and Emerging Technologies education within IBM Learning Services.

Karen has over 20 years experience managing learning and development functions within Fortune 250 companies. In addition to roles leading education organizations, Karen’s background includes technical and sales positions within the insurance and financial services industries.

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