Learning Circle Preview: Sales Training

Last Updated Friday, November 24, 2017

Sales Training: Think Future-back

Talent is your main sustainable competitive advantage

IDEAS for this Learning Circle to prototype, test and learn together...

Here are some ideas for this learning circle to prototype, test and learn together:
  1. Top 5 competencies most sales talent should have
  2. Top 5 ways learning and development can make sales teams more effective
  3. How to leverage authenticity and transparency in sales training
  4. Methods for creating outcomes based sales training and development
  5. How to get your talent right by leveraging assessments for recruitment and development for client facing roles
  6. Technology to boost sales skill development
  7. Best practices for how to combine skill development and technology

I'm a member of this Learning Circle and would like to access the ELE member-only i-Lab resources.

Member of this Learning Circle should go here to access ELE member-only i-Lab resources.

Who is invited to join and how does an ELE Learning Circle get initiated?

If you are interested, contact Dirk Tussing with your interest.

When 4-8 diverse peers are recruited for a specific focus area, a new ELE Learning Circle will be created.
The current plan is to limit each ELE Learning Circle to 20 max with 2-3 volunteers to help co-facilitate (see bottom of this page) scheduling quarterly meeting times with Dirk Tussing.

The format for collaborating (e.g., benchmarking L&D solutions or TEST & LEARN with rapid prototypes) will be self-directed by the members using a LinkedIn Unlisted Group for online discussions.

Does each "experiment" this ELE Learning Circle need to use Design Thinking processes?

No. Each Learning Circle is self-directed and as a diverse peer group would pick the focus area(s) and format to collaborate with. The ELE Ideation Lab and FREE resources are available if you would like to use them.

We have a separate ELE FAQ explaining the structure of how this quarterly virtual ELE Learning Circle connects with our Talent Development Ideation Lab and in-person Exchanges here.

How can HR and L&D better Involve Our User Community with Co-Designing Better, Faster, Cheaper Learning?

There are many who believe there are The Real Benefit of Design Thinking go as deep for your company as they do for customers.

"the benefits go as deep for your company as they do for customers. Michael Graber discusses the unseen benefits behind design thinking and innovation work. ... As a method for solving complex problems, Design Thinking helps organizations discern unmet needs and create value from these insights"

Times have changed. Customers have changed. Business has changed, and all these changes demand innovation. As a result, everything about HR will change, in a big way. The purpose of this ELE Learning Circle is to stay current with rapidly changing HR L&D trends.

What does the ELE Digital Classroom look like and what technology do I need to join an ELE Learning Circle?

  • Adobe Connect: A high-Speed internet connection and a personal webcam
  • LinkedIn: Unlisted Group (Unlisted Groups are not searchable by any search engine and only the owner can invite others to join.)

Best Practice: Make sure everyone's webcam is on even if you have some participants in in the same physical room.

To help you visualize ELE's Digital Classroom, here is a screen shot of the inaugural Sales Training cohort. Three cohort members (Amy, Anton, & Dirk) attended together in a downtown Chicago conference room and the others logged in from various remote locations.

Visualize ELE's Digital Classroom
Virtual Meeting Space URL will be posted in the Learning Circle's LinkedIn Unlisted Group &
emailed to "confirmed" registrations.
Questions? Contact Dirk Tussing, Executive Director,
or one of our Learning Circles' co-facilitators below:
  1. Sales Training: Think Future-backAmy Dordek
  2. Sales Training: Think Future-backMary Barranco