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University Club of Chicago Artist Opening, 12th Floor Gallery 76 E. Monroe Street Chicago, IL

Dirk Tussing

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Disrupting the HR Talent Agenda Using DESIGN THINKING »
Presented on 10/23/2017

Karen Kocher

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Talent Development Ideation Lab
test and learn disruptive HR possibilities fast

CONNECT WITH GREAT MINDS doing the same work at different organizations.
CLO/CTO/CHRO executives & thought leaders sharing business experiences.

Our Ideation Lab is currently supporting four new Learning Circles:
Curation of L&D Content Future of Learning is Here! Creating Learning Partnerships Sales Training: Think Future-back

  See what sticks...

In a nutshell, our DESIGN THINKING is the belief that by starting with the goal of understanding the customerís empathetic drivers and conducting rapid prototyping, problems can be solved and solutions enabled that deliver more value and are sustainable. Individuals and organizations that utilize design thinking put their energy into learning about the future amd the customer's needs. Many companies have transformed key HR processes and built capabilities utilizing a design thinking framework.

Start with a Point of View

Our Ideation Lab is, quite literally, a place for the ELE Learning Circle communities to gather, throw ideas on the wall and see what sticks for disrupting the HR Talent Agenda using design thinking frameworks.

What is ELEís Talent Development Ideation Lab?
Here are examples of the L&D content we might start with

Addition collaboration: Each ELE Learning Circle will have a sharable folder on Google Drive and a private LinkedIn group for discussion. We are considering purchasing Articulate360 suite of tools to better collaborate with ELE-member companies development resources.

Contact Dirk Tussing for more details, if you are a CLO/CTO/CHRO Group member and interested in having a team members submit an experiment for this Talent Development Ideation Lab or join one of our learning circles.